Yoga For Golfers: How To Maximise Your Performance On The Fairway

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Yoga for golfers provides strength and flexibility that can help you improve on your overall performance on the fairway. As a golfer, you may never notice immediate result for these exercise, however, committing a couple of hours a day are very beneficial and here are some of the reasons why you should do yoga regularly. Get started in a kneeling position with your arms straightened and your hands under your shoulder. Straighten your legs while supporting your weight with your arms and tighten your belly muscles.

i. Develop Stronger Muscles With Yoga For Golfers

Yoga can help you develop stronger core muscles. It will give you a stronger back, stabilize your midsection and enable you to have more power when swinging your club. To realize these consider performing plank pose regularly.

ii. Yoga For Golfers Improves flexibility

Every golfer needs good hip flexibility for better speed and swinging power. To boost your hip flexibility, lay on your back with your knees bent. Extend your feet further beyond your yoga mat. Breathe in and gently move your knees leftwards. Gently straighten your knees and breathe out. Switch to the right and repeat the exercise several times on each side.

iii. Increased Back Strength From Yoga For Golfers

Most golfers get back injury more often which can be very costly. However, yoga for golfers can help you avoid this. To make a stronger lower back, you need to exercise the knee to chest pose. Lie on your back and breathe in as you gently pull one knee to your chest. Slowly lower this leg while breathing out. Switch sides and draw the other leg to the chest. Repeat this up to 15 times before drawing both legs to your chest.

The goal of yoga is to help you improve your mental focus. By doing yoga for golfers regularly, you will meet this goal besides boosting your strength and improving your performance on the for golfers