The Benefits Of Superbrain Yoga

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If you looking for a simple way to balance the brain and to recharge it with energy, then Superbrain Yoga just might be your holy grail? The benefits of super brain yoga, a new but effective technique, include increased concentration, better memory and a clearer mind.

What is Superbrain Yoga?

This technique is based on the ideas behind ear acupuncture and the ideas about energy flow in the body. The principles for charging the brain with powerful energy were introduced in a book called Superbrain Yoga by Master Choa Kok Sui. Acupuncturists have known for a long time that acupuncture points in the human ear are related to different parts of the body. This information is combined with the ancient yogic idea of an energy body.

Life energy or prana (called chi in Chinese medicine) flows through the energy body and enters the body through energy centers called chakras. By using the techniques of Superbrain yoga the energy can be directed from the lower centers to the higher parts of the body to re-energize the brain.

Benefits of Superbrain Yoga

The proponents of this healing method claim it is beneficial to everyone and for people in all age groups. Superbrain Yoga can be used by students, people who work in offices and anyone looking for a better memory and more mental clarity. The creators of Superbrain yoga have researched its effects on many common health problems and even serious health concerns, including ADD and ADHD, learning disabilities and dyslexia in children. It is believed to help children’s performance in school and their later academic skills, and it is also believed to be useful in developing social skills and participation in class. It may also be a new way to relieve stress.

How to Do SuperBrain Yoga

The actual methods are easy to learn and simple to use. According to the theory, the left earlobe is connected to the right side of the brain and the right earlobe is related to the left side of the brain. A simple example of of how to perform Superbrain yoga is squeezing the right earlobe softly by using the left index finger and the thumb, then cross your right arm over the left and gently squeeze the left earlobe with the thumb and index finger. This movement stimulates the pituitary gland and the left side of the brain.

It is best to learn these techniques from a qualified instructor or by studying Master Choa Kok Sui’s book. To make the most of the benefits of Superbrain yoga, it is important to follow the method correctly.