Who Is Shiva Rea?

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What is Shiva Rea Yoga?

Shiva Rea, M.A., is an award winning yoga teacher and practitioner who carries the title, “yogini fire keeper“. She has been described as a sacred activist and a global adventurer and has led the way in the evolution and growth of Prana flow yoga, as well as transformational Vinyasa yoga flow . Shiva Rea Yoga is an inspiring and energetic method of learning and practicing yoga. In addition to being a tremendous vehicle for channeling spirituality, it is one of the most challenging and powerful workout programs available today. Shiva Rea’s instruction is available on DVD and CD, and she has written a number of books and articles.

With roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, Shiva Rea Yoga assists you in increasing energy flow and connecting mind, body and spirit. Shiva Rea practice consists of a very complex and difficult series of exercise sessions performed in a fluid, energizing style. One of the most challenging aspects of these sessions is that it is sometimes difficult to understand the terms used to describe the moves. Once understood, the moves themselves flow smoothly, yet present great challenges.

How Can You Learn Shiva Rea Yoga?

One very good way to learn Shiva Rea Yoga is to watch her instructional DVDs. People who have tried this challenging form of yoga say that it is best to actually see Shiva Rea herself practice the moves before attempting them. It is very beneficial to get a grasp of the complete, holistic concept of synergy achieved by combining strength, balance, and flow of energy throughout the body, mind and spirit. Experienced yoga practitioners will find that watching and listening to Shiva Rea and then following her instruction will deepen and enrich their understanding of Vinyasa Yoga.

A typical Shiva Rea Yoga class on DVD will begin with a basic meditation in motion. Breathing and gentle, rhythmic movement of the arms are the focus of this period of meditation. From this point, Shiva instructs you to move freely, rising from the mat and stretching and flowing as the spirit guides. This open, free- flowing warm-up is mind-opening and helps you access intuition. Warm up completed, Shiva Rea challenges you to perform circular salutations known as Mandala Namaskar. In this series, you will move in a circular, constantly changing fashion that can be a bit confusing. However, this very confusion provides a sense of challenge and discovery. Following the Mandala Namaskar, Shiva Rea introduces new and challenging poses coordinated to open neural pathways to the brain, stimulating the firing of neurons along the pathways and lifting the spirits!

What are the Benefits of Shiva Rea Yoga?

The most enjoyable aspect for many students of Shiva Rea’s Yoga is the smooth, fluid transition from one pose to the next. Even poses which often feel very stiff and difficult are easy to enter and attain due to the successful pairing with other poses and the addition of gentle movements intended to warm up and loosen the muscles. For example, during Lotus Pose, you will be instructed to “dance and swim” your arms. This opens up your sources of energy and makes it easy to move into the next, more challenging poses. Shiva Rea

You may choose to practice Shiva Rea Yoga as your main form of exercise and meditation, but you can also benefit by adding it to an existing workout plan. Even though Shiva Rea Yoga can be rather time consuming, it is still not too difficult to practice it at least once a day after the basics have been learned. However, this is not entirely necessary. Shiva Rea Yoga produces excellent benefits when practiced weekly or twice a week. Of course, the more you practice the greater the results will be.

The benefits of Shiva Rea Yoga include an increase in strength and flexibility of the body as well as a deep sense of tranquility. Shiva Rea Yoga practice brings confidence, composure and a sense of balance to life. Regular practice with Shiva Rea literally puts a “spring in your step” thanks to the free-flowing and light-hearted style that helps increase the flow of positive energy and inspires confidence and, indeed, courage!