Is Power Yoga For You?

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What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is the latest addition to the yoga scene.The practice of yoga originated in India. In Sanskrit, yoga means union. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice the purpose of which is the joining of the body, mind and spirit. There are many different forms of yoga, each designed to meet a number of needs. One of the most recent forms is Power Yoga. This unique and challenging form of yoga was derived from a combination of two traditional forms: Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga.

It was made popular in the United States by Yoga teachers, Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee, Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest. It is a fast paced form of yoga that calls for quick, fluid motion performed in a fairly free-flowing order. PowerYoga is extremely beneficial in a number of ways. It promotes flexibility of the joints, good posture, muscular strength, stamina, good cardiovascular functioning, and improved concentration and mental focus. Simultaneously, Power Yoga is encourages flexibility and releases tension.

Is Power Yoga Hard?

Unlike other forms of yoga, the main goal of Power Yoga is to get a vigorous aerobic workout and perform some very active stretching. It is not a slow and contemplative practice. Power Yoga burns calories, fat and tension. Done several hours before bedtime, it can help you get a great night’s rest. Done too close to bedtime, it will keep you wide awake! People who practice Power Yoga can expect many of the same benefits that would be derived from a combination of aerobics classes and weight work.

Power Yoga practitioners become strong and lean with regular practice. Because Power Yoga is a vigorous workout, it’s important to remember to start slowly. Don’t make the mistake many people make when taking up a sport by trying to do everything to the utmost all at once. You will just end up getting hurt, and that will cause you to be less likely to return to your practice. Power Yoga provides a vigorous workout, and those interested in pursuing it should approach it exactly as they would any demanding sport. People with compromised health or women who are pregnant should consult a physician before attempting Power Yoga.

What is a Power Yoga Class Like?

Power yoga instructors tend to be very involved in helping students attain their goals and reach their potential. A typical Power Yoga class will consist of a series of a fast paced poses chosen and choreographed by the instructor. The order and speed of the poses, also known as yoga flows may change from class to class as the instructor makes adjustments to accommodate and challenge the students.

power yogaSome poses may be repeated at a brisk clip. Generally speaking, the class might begin with a series such as the Sun Salutation to stretch and warm up, followed in rapid succession by such challenging poses such as the Warrior Pose, a balancing pose, and then perhaps something like the Triangle Pose to begin the transition to the floor. A series of seated and prone poses would then act as a cool-down period. The Power Yoga session would end with a quiet pose and five to ten minutes of meditation.