Yoga For Women

Yoga for women

is hugely beneficial for numerous reasons. But let’s clear something up right now!

In the words of the wonderful BKS Iyengar, “Yoga is for everyone. You need not be an expert or at the peak of physical fitness to practise asanas. May Yoga’s blessing be on all of you.”

That said, however, the benefits of yoga for women, and I’m talking female specific benefits, in terms of our physical female anatomy and emotional make up, are endless and fantastic.

You can practise yoga poses to relive menstrual pain, pre menstrual tension, headaches associated with your menstrual cycle, for cystitis, for pregnancy, both postnatal and prenatal yoga. The list goes on and on. Women are a complex and beautiful sex, and we should be celebrating our femaleness and there are few better ways to make yourself feel wholistically fantastic, than a regular yoga practise.

It doesn’t matter if you are as tall as a wall, round as a ball or thin as a rake. Yoga is for every woman, any shape, size, colour or creed. Namaste.

The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal YogaPrenatal yoga practise during pregnancy brings a wonderful sense of calm and harmony to expecting mothers. Your developing baby not only relies on you physically but is completely receptive to your mental and emotional state, which is why prenatal yoga is so beneficial. If you are stressed and angry, or sad or depressed, your body releases different toxins into your body which in turn affects the chemical balance in your body and your baby therefore feels or rather picks up these emotions.

Pregnancy is a very emotional time with your hormones fluctuating wildy and major physical changes happening to accommodate the new life being formed inside a new mothers body. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain normal fitness routines and activities and you will need to adapt these to accommodate your changing body. It is very important to stay fit during this miraculous journey. Enter Prenatal Yoga! Yoga calms the mind and brings peace and emotional harmony, and this ultimately creates a perfect environment for your growing baby.

Pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga And Posture:

As your body changes over the three trimesters of pregnancy and your uterus get bigger and heavier with the increasing weight of your baby and the placenta, your bodies center of gravity changes and this in turn affects your posture. Your back arches and you may even begin to hunch your shoulders. Yoga practise teaches you to be aware of your body, helping you to identify and relieve stressed areas, correct bad posture and ease tension in the muscles. Prenatal Yoga asanas (postures or poses) are done with co-ordinated breathing while in a pose.

Prenatal Yoga And Your Emotions:

Prenatal Yoga practise and breathing (pranayama) coupled with pregnancy hormones can sometimes release deeply buried emotions to the surface. If this happens to you, don’t resist and try to bury these emotions again. Rather let them out in the wonderfully controlled and non judgemental environment that is yoga practise. Feelings of grief or sadness or tears may appear for no apparent reason. Ride the wave of these feelings and just let them go. Weep or wail or both if you want to. This can be hugely beneficial and cleansing for both you and your precious little passenger. You may not experience this at all, but feel a deep sense of relaxation and connection with yourself and your baby.

It is important to practise prenatal yoga with a qualified and experienced pregnancy Yoga teacher. This is probably one of the most appropriate and beneficial forms of pregnancy exercise available. Enjoy your prenatal yoga journey, Namaste.