Yoga For Weight Loss

The Many Choices In Yoga For Weight Loss:

One very effective way to shed pounds, gain strength and stamina and increase your metabolism is to use power yoga for weight loss.

This interesting and challenging form of high-energy yoga is a great way to strengthen your body, lungs and heart while calming your mind and opening your spirit. Practicing power yoga for weight loss helps you increase your metabolism and build muscle. With power yogayou can learn to control your breathing and hone your focus for mental acuity while you strengthen your body and gain stamina.

Many people think that power yoga is a single type of yoga, but actually, you will have quite a few options open to you if you decide you want to explore this interesting lifelong fitness and weight loss method. There are a number of types of yoga that fall under the heading “power yoga”.

Types of Yoga For Weight Loss

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is also called Mysore yoga. It is a system of rigorously performed yoga exercises designed to increase stamina, flexibility and strength. The poses performed in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga are performed in a specific order and are quite physically demanding. It is important to flow smoothly and gracefully from one pose to another in this type of yoga exercise.

Bikram Yoga is a very well-known type of yoga for weight loss. It consists of two breathing exercises and twenty-six postures, which are guided by the instructor. Bikram yoga is always performed in a very warm room with 40% humidity, which encourages weight loss.

Hot yoga started out as a style of Bikram yoga but has become a form of yoga for weight loss in and of itself. It is performed in very much the same way as Bikram yoga; however, the presentation and style may vary from one instructor to another. Flow yoga is based in Hatha yoga, which is the classic physical yoga. It integrates full abdominal breathing with flowing movement for a smooth, well-coordinated yoga workout, which may vary greatly from one class to another.

Start Gently With Yoga For Weight Loss

Start off slowly if you are in poor physical condition. In fact, you might want to start with a very basic yoga class that is not focused on weight loss. This will help you become flexible and accustomed to yoga. You may be surprised to find that even gentle yoga practice will help you to lose weight. Gradually, you will be able to do more and more, and soon you will find yourself participating in vigorous yoga for weight loss workouts comfortably and easily.

No matter which type of yoga for weight loss you choose, if you practice regularly, you will notice improvements in your body, mind and spirit. You will learn to focus your energies, control your breathing and coordinate your breath with your movements for maximum flexibility, and increased metabolism. You should find your yoga for weight loss practice challenging right from the start, and you will continue find it pleasantly challenging as you grow and develop greater and greater abilities.

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

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yoga exercisesYoga Exercises Bring Out The Best In Body Mind And Spirit The Sanskrit word from which the term “yoga” is derived means “joining” or “union”, and yoga is typically a joining of the body, mind and spirit. Many people think of yoga as being a quiet practice that involves breathing, meditation and stretching, and that’s true – as far as it goes.

However, yoga is also a dynamic practice, and it is important to remember that when we bring body, mind and spirit into accord, we improve all three. For this reason, yoga exercises can be considered very effective when used for weight loss.

Yoga exercises to improve and strengthen breathing help oxygenate the body. Getting more oxygen into circulation helps to increase metabolism and burn fat. Additionally, deep and steady breathing exercises alleviate anxiety and anger. These two emotions often lead to inappropriate eating habits that can lead to weight gain. By learning to breathe properly through regular yoga exercise, you can increase your metabolism and calm yourself to make better choices.

Sun Salutation Yoga Exercises Are Adaptable For Any Purpose

The classic set of yoga exercises known as the Sun Salutation is an excellent all-over-body workout. The Sun Salutation can take as little as five minutes or as long as half an hour to perform depending upon the speed at which you perform the poses and the energy you wish to put in. Either way, fast or slow, is fine. For more fat burning and metabolism boosting, perform several rounds of the Sun Salutation at a rapid pace.

For cool down, stretching and strengthening, move slowly and carefully, holding the poses for longer periods of time and focusing your breath and gaze. The Sun Salutation is such a perfect combination of yoga exercises. Depending upon the speed, intensity and the number of repetitions you perform, the Sun Salutation can be your warm-up, cool-down and your main exercise routine!

Power Yoga Exercises Burn Fat And Assist With Healing

Power Yoga exercises are forms of yoga that are typically done at a faster pace for the primary purpose of strengthening, conditioning, increasing blood circulation and metabolism and losing weight. The term, power yoga, is often applied to three types of yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. All three of these are typically performed at a faster clip with focus on breathing into each pose and moving in a smooth, fluid, coordinated and fairly choreographed manner. There are plenty of Yoga videos online, for free, which you do in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to helping with weight loss (sometimes burning as many as 1250 calories per session) these types of yoga exercises are very helpful in strengthening and in healing. The added circulation and oxygenation brought to the tissues when performing power yoga exercises speeds the healing of sprains, strains and other minor injuries and has even been attributed with supporting healing in people recovering from cancer.

Power yoga exercises are a great choice for people wishing to lose weight; however, if you are out of shape, begin with gentle meditative yoga and focus on controlling your breath and stretching and strengthening your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Begin power yoga exercises when you have gained reliable levels of strength, endurance and coordination.