Yoga Clothes

How To Find The Best Yoga Clothes To Suit You

Your yoga clothes should be versatile and comfortable. Most importantly though, they should never interfere with your yoga practise!

You have to be able to twist and stretch without literally getting your knickers in a knot! Luckily, there is a huge range of yoga clothes available now, thanks to the explosion of Yoga in the west! It’s easy to find something to suit you while you practise.

Yoga Clothes For Women

It goes without saying that women, as a species, love clothes! And yoga clothes are no different! Nice clothes make you feel good and this applies to all human beings. So when you feel great in your yoga clothes of choice and have a great yoga session in your favourite yoga outfit on top of that…what more could you ask for? Some of the most popular Yoga clothing companies for women include Lululemon, Shakti Activewear, Prana and Athleta.

Yoga Clothes For Men

Men can be very clothing conscious too and the same applies to men for feeling good in what they wear, particularly when you are working out. There are ranges of Yoga clothes that are tailored specifically to men that include comfortable, loose fitting yoga pants and muscle vests to enhance any bicep! Prana has an excellent and extensive range of yoga clothing for men, as do BePresent, Shakti Activewear and Gaiam.

Organic Yoga Clothes

Organic is great, going organic is important and if you are really earth conscious, then organic yoga clothing is for you. By using organic clothing you mare making a much needed contribution to the preservation of our planet as wee know it.

Organic Yoga clothes are generally made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and only low impact dyes are used for colouring this type of yoga wear. Organic yoga clothes are also manufactured without the use of chemicals and the organic fabrics themselves are usually grown without the use of toxic pesticides. Organic fabrics are light and durable and allow your skin to breathe, making them an excellent type of yoga wear!

Hot Yoga Clothes

Ths is a completely different type of yoga clothing. Hot Yoga makes you sweat and therefore your yoga clothes should be designed to accommodate this! Well made hot yoga clothes should move with your body and be able to handle the increased perspiration without losing shape and elasticity.

Lululemon’s original signature luon fabric is a moisture wicking fabric. This means it draws moisture away from your skin, spreads it evenly through the fabric which in turn makes it evaporate faster bcecause it’s spread over a much greater surface area. It also has four way stretch which provides amazing coverage and retains the garment shape beautifully. Mika Yoga Wear is also an excellent range designed by a hot yoga yogini for women.

Check out our products page for different styles and brands of yoga clothes. Happy yoga clothes shopping, Namaste.

A Few Good Reasons To Buy A Great Quality Yoga Pant

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The yoga pant you wear when you work out has become an integral and important part of getting the most of your yoga workout session. There is nothing worse than wearing a yoga pant that isn’t really made to workout in! Here are a few very good reasons why you should dress accordingly in a suitable yoga pant or yoga clothes when doing yoga.

1.Get The Fabric Of Your Yoga Pant Right The First Time:

As you know, yoga involves stretching and twisting your body into amazing shapes and postures. This means that the yoga pant you wear must be flexible, let your skin breathe and be comfortable. A good quality cotton Lycra that moves with your body is the most suitable and if you can get organic fabric to boot, then you are styling!

The fabric your yoga pant is made from should also allow your skin to breathe and spread the excess perspiration, so that it isn’t logged in one area! Eeek, like under your armpit or under your bust! Especially important for you Hot Yoga Yogi’s and Yogini’s! And finally, the fabric should be smooth and durable which in turn makes it comfortable to wear. Nothing itchy or rough thanks!

2.Get The Right Style Of Yoga Pant For Your Practise:

You may be thinking what the…? This is very important for your practise. If you practise traditional yoga and do individual pose after pose, with emphasis on working the pose, then a yoga pant that is long and slightly flared at the base will probably suit your practise best. This is what I wear when practising traditional Iyengar style yoga.

If you prefer a faster Vinyasa style Power Yoga, you will be better suited to a cropped leg, fitting yoga pant which allows a greater area of skin to be exposed, keeping you cooler. For Bikram style Hot Yoga, shorts and a crop top for girls and Lycra shorts for the boys….’cos you are gonna get hot and sweaty!

Hot tip: Make sure your waistband is tight enough to keep your yoga pants up, and not too tight to restrict you and make you feel uncomfortable!

Yoga pantMy personal favourite yoga pant is the Pure Balance Pant by Lulu Lemon It has great length in the leg and a snug fit. It makes me look slimmer than I really am and for my yoga practise, the flexibility of the 4 way stretch and the moisture wicking of their signature Luon® fabric seals the deal.

For Vinyasa, I like Lulu Lemon, but I’m also a fan of Mika Yoga Wear when I’m doing a faster, power yoga practise! You won’t catch me in a crop top though! With such a huge range of options when it comes to finding a great yoga pant, there is no reason not to have the best yoga session in your chosen yoga pant, namaste.