Baron Baptiste – Born to Teach Yoga

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“Fasten Your Spiritual Seatbelt – Baron Baptiste”

Baron Baptiste is an internationally known yoga instructor, presenter, educator and best-selling author. He has been making a positive impact on the world of yoga for more than two decades. He focuses on helping people attain the maximum in personal growth and development through workshops, videos, audio presentations, and books that have been printed in numerous languages around the world.

Baron Baptiste comes from a long line of fitness, spiritual and yoga instructors and mentors. His parents, Walt and Magan Baptiste were pioneers in the areas of nutrition, fitness and body awareness. Because of this, Baron Baptiste is a natural-born educator in these areas.

Throughout his life, he has been in close contact with the subjects of health, fitness and spirituality. He conveys his knowledge and belief in the importance of honoring these areas of human existence with a positive, mindful and intelligent manner that appeals to a broad audience and makes the information he has to share easily accessible to all.

Baron Baptiste’s Methods Inspire People Across The World

As a best-selling author, Baron Baptiste is well-known for Journey Into Power, his first book. Baron BaptisteSince writing this well- loved volume, he has written a number of other self help books and has appeared on and starred in television programs and videos focused on helping others attain the utmost in physical, mental and spiritual fitness. In fact, he has become so well-known and respected for his methods, that he was asked to work with the NFL Philadelphia Eagles for 4 years, starting in 1994. During that time, he worked very closely with the players and the coaches and was able to improve their on-the-field performance tremendously.

In addition to inspiring professional greatness among these professional athletes, Baron also gained a number of lifelong followers from the team. Aside from personal consultations, Baron Baptiste has also put a great deal of energy and effort into establishing schools that make his methods available to a broader public. In the last decade, he has opened The Baptiste Power Yoga Institutes in the Boston, Massachusetts area. These three schools stay busy day-in-and-day-out throughout the year.

Baron Baptiste: The Last Word in Yoga

Yoga is Baron Baptiste’s primary medium for conveying his beliefs in the importance of self-awareness, spirituality and physical fitness. His positive teaching methods help millions to drop negativity and move forward into a positive, new light. In the early years, Baron sensationalized yoga somewhat in order to get it before the public eye. Today, he focuses more on the practical application and advantages of yoga practice. His training methods are familiar worldwide, and he has personally educated all sorts of people in many settings around the world.

Whether children, the elderly, celebrities, professional athletes or world leaders, all who have experienced his teaching know that Baron Baptiste brings a message of self-empowerment, strength, and a positive outlook through yoga. In an effort to further spread the word about the power of yoga, Baron Baptiste also conducts a number of world tours to promote his books, videos and methods. You can find his products and his words available in a number of online venues as well as via bookstores and local television stations. Due to his upbeat style and positive methods of empowerment Baron Baptiste is quickly becoming a household name both inside and outside of the world of yoga.