Anusara Yoga

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John Friend Anusara YogaAnusara Yoga is a school of Hatha Yoga, founded in 1997 by John Friend. It is based on Tantric Yoga principles. Anusara Yoga “unifies a life-affirming Shiva-Shakti Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness with Universal Principles of Alignment.” Anusara Yoga.

The Spread Of Anusara Yoga.

Since it’s creation, this school of yoga has grown exponentially over the last decade and has over 1000 licensed teachers and thousands of students the world over. It is now available in 70 countries and it’s attraction is mostly due to the uplifting philosophy behind it. Anusara Yoga Philosophy looks for the good in all things and all people. Regardless of a yogi’s level of experience and ability, everyone is celebrated for their individuality.

Anusara Yoga Class Breakdown.

Classes begin with an invocation and are centred around the heart, and the unitiy of the divine within. Asanas are coordinated with pranayama (breath) and the “Universal Principles of Alignment” are applied to each yoga pose without fail. These principles of alignment are broken down into three areas, Attitude, Alignment and Action and are applied to each pose in order to gain maximum mental, spiritual and physical benefits.

Teachers apply these alignment principles both physically and verbally, correcting posture during execution of each asana. Anusara Yoga has a syllabus of 250 hatha yoga poses which encompass floor poses, standing, balancing poses, backbends and twists to name but a few. Classes are mostly laid out using a sequence of poses and progressive sequences aimed at leaving the aspiring yogi feeling calm, happy within and empowered. Classes are concluded with Savasana and meditation.

Anusara Yoga offers yoga teacher training and has numerous yoga classes, workshops and yoga studios around the world.
Anusara Yoga is based in The Woodlands in Texas, USA.